Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Spent Saturday at Upfest at the Tobacco Factory, me and Seb got to sit in the illustration room upstairs and do some live animation. 6 hours to move stuff about a bit

perhaps we should have planned it a bit better but
it was good fun anyway and there was some lovely illustration going on all around us

things get less animated towards the end, as we started drinking after lunch.

thanks very much to Dave Bain for letting us join the illustration room for the day!


Felix said...

Wow; you didn't tell me you'd stopped drinking at breakfast. Well done both of you!

A Productions Ltd said...

That's funny. Well done guys xx

Upstart Thunder said...


Mick said...

I love it... you are extremely silly, which equates to my mind as, 'help yourself to everything in the fridge'

again, good work fellows