Wednesday, 28 April 2010 animatic

Recently had a stint at Aardman making storyboards in Flash for some Rich Webber directed commercials. it was good

Here's the first animatic now

and here's the final ad

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Aardman Flipnote animations

Here's a couple of little animations drawn into Flipnote on the Nintendo DSi. They were made before christmas at Aardman, directed by Tim Ruffle, to advertise the Legend of Zelda game. It's wierd spending a few weeks drawing things on a very very tiny screen with a very very tiny pen but quite good fun in a strange kind of way.

My favourite bit was recording the sound effects by going "3..2..1..go" and holding the DS near a speaker while the sound man presses play on his computer.

little bit of animation

no work on Rumpus for a long time. so here's some old animation instead of the little chap spotting a pretty butterfly

little bit of Rumpus from Rumpus tests on Vimeo.