Sunday, 25 October 2009

gencat ad

Here's an ad i've recently been working on at Aardman. There's 5 of them altogether and they've been turning up on the blogs of Felix, Robin and Spencer so i thought i'd put my favourite up too.

This ones about recycling if you don't understand Spanish.

I did storyboard and block through, Tom Evans animated, Spencer Cross After Effectsed and Tim Ruffle directed.

Here's another one - same bunch of people, animated by me and Tom - use public transport!


Felix said...

Ahh that recycling one is great! They should make more... <__<


louis de la taille said...

They are both great. I like the perpetual moving camera, and i'm impressed by the work of compositing too.It gives a great impression of 3d space even with a very flat (and nice) design.